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Are common allergy symptoms wreaking havoc in your life?

Do you think you have an allergy? Are over-the-counter medications for seasonal allergy symptoms not bringing relief? If you answered ‘yes’ and you’re an adult, get a referral from your GP to see Dr Hew. Once you have your referral, you can make an appointment.

In your initial consultation, Dr Hew will discuss your medical history and perform an examination. You’ll also be tested for suspected allergies which usually takes 35 – 45 minutes. Once Dr Hew has completed her diagnosis, she can start tailoring a treatment plan for you.

You may need a follow-up appointment for further testing, treatment or if you have any queries. But if you live far away, Dr Hew may be able to conduct follow-up appointments via teleconference.

Don’t wait any longer. Get on top of your allergy symptoms.

What are common allergy symptoms?

Signs of a mild to moderate allergic reaction are:

Tingling mouth
Swelling of the lips, face, eyes
Abdominal pain, vomiting (these are signs of anaphylaxis for insect allergy)
Hives or welts

Signs of anaphylaxis (severe allergic reaction) are:

Swelling of tongue
Difficult/noisy breathing
Wheezing/persistent cough
Swelling/tightness in throat
Dizziness, light-headedness or collapse
Pale and floppy (young children)
Difficulty talking and/or hoarse voice
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